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"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

Albert Einstein

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​​About us

​​​​Sabemi s.r.l. is a company, founded in 2003, oriented towards the design and creation of technologically advanced systems for industrial automation. We carry out projects starting from electrical design continuing with PLC, HMI SCADA and Robot software design up to the creation of production management and monitoring systems. Vision systems for quality control and robot guidance in various PC-Based or Stand-Alone hardware solutions. The considerable experience gained over the years allows us to develop technical supply specifications, to verify the compliance of industrial plants with regulations and to design management architectures always using cutting-edge technologies with the best price-performance ratio. We also carry out technical assistance tasks, staff training, technical documentation development and manual drafting, specialist technical consultancy and feasibility studies.



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​We specialize in a wide variety of tecnology


Software Design

​Customized software for industrial automation, using the latest technologies and development methodologies to ensure maximum system efficiency and reliability

Electrical Design

​​For automatic welding, transport and industrial distribution systems


​Supervision systems based on the most advanced technologies available on the market, capable of efficiently monitoring and managing all production processes.

Virtual Commissioning

​​Customized simulation, capable of faithfully emulating the operation of the real system and testing all possible system configurations

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